How to Get Air Out of Brake Lines Without Bleeding

How Do You Use Air Leaks to Prevent Brake Lines from Bleeding? The brake lines of a four-wheeled vehicle are critical safety features that will keep your vehicle under control, but you must keep them free of air bubbles to avoid damage to this system. To learn the process by which you can eliminate air … Read more

How to Test Alternator with Screwdriver

Does your automobile not crank up in the morning because the battery drains rapidly if you leave it parked? These are indications that your Alternator may malfunction and need to be replaced. Diagnosing the issue can be a complex endeavour, but this test takes only a few hours and a few simple tools and supplies. … Read more

How to start a Car with a Bad Crankshaft sensor

To Drive or Not to Drive: How and If You Should Start a Car with a Bad Crankshaft Sensor In most vehicles today, the crankshaft is located in the center of the engine block, with the rods attached to the crank on either side. When the pistons are at the top dead center, the crankshaft … Read more