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Chevy Silverado Rocker Panel Replacement Cost. Rocker panels form an essential part of a car’s body. They link the front of the car to its rear and from one wheel well to the next. However, this component can become rusty and damaged as time passes, meaning replacing it in the future could be necessary.

It will cost you around $2,760 per replacement of the Chevy Silverado’s rocker panels. Within this estimation, remember that the labor cost for replacement is around $2,500. Therefore, the average cost of the new rocker panel will be close to $260.

However, the price can be different, ranging from some hundred dollars.

Below, we’ll break down the cost of this replacement part to Chevy Silverado models. It includes labor and parts.

We’ll examine the aspects that affect the price differing from person to person, such as the Chevy Silverado model, the year that the Silverado was launched, your location, and much more. Prices will also differ based on whether you repair the component or employ experts to replace it.


What’s a rocker panel?

The rocker is a car’s structural component that can help strengthen the door sills and shield those sides against damage. Most rocker panels are constructed of aluminum or steel and are typically reinforced by other substances like fiber-glass or plastic.

The panels of rockers can be damaged when struck, which is why they must be strong enough to withstand the force of impact without breaking or crumbling. If properly constructed and installed, they can ensure passengers’ safety in a collision with a vehicle on the side.

Why would you need to replace the Panel? Why Would You Replace a Panel?

There are a variety of reasons you may require replacing a rocker panel. The most prevalent cause is the result of a collision. If your vehicle collides with a side, the rocker panels could be damaged and must be replaced.

Another reason that people replace rocker panels is rust damage. In time, the aluminum or steel that makes up the Panel may begin to break down and corrode, particularly if in contact with salt water or corrosive materials.

The result is gaps and cracks in the material, which could result in more damage if not addressed. In addition, if you reside in an area with plenty of ice and snow and ice, you might also have to replace the rocker panels frequently because of the higher chance of corrosion.

Chevy Silverado Rocker Panel Replacement Cost

What is the cost of replacing the Chevy Silverado’s Rocker Panel?

Before pricing, it’s essential to distinguish two kinds of panels: complete and slip-on rocker panels. The primary difference between them is how they’re put up and priced.

Slip-On Rocker Panels

Like their names, they are used to “slip” over the existing rocker panel in your car. Installing is a straightforward procedure that can be accomplished within a few hours.

The cost of slip-on panels can vary based on several factors. It is contingent on the product’s material or the manufacturer. However, a reasonable price range is $150 to $250.

Full Rocker Panels

The full rocker panel is created to replace the complete rocker panels on your vehicle. It means removing the last rocker panel and installing the new one.

The cost of this kind of Panel is more expensive. It is because more components are required to construct it. So the range of prices you can anticipate is $250-$350.


What are the benefits of slip-on rocker Panels?

The slip-on rocker panels are easy to add a bit of fashion to your car and provide security from the elements. These panels form the part of the body of your vehicle which runs between the wheels and extends into the lower part of the doors’ openings.

They are frequently in contact with weather elements, making them vulnerable to damage and rust. Rocker panels that slide on can create an effective barrier between your vehicle’s physique and its elements, securing them from further harm.

The slip-on rocker panels are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and are available in various styles and colors.

They can be installed quickly and easily without welding or drilling required and are an excellent alternative for those looking to improve the appearance of their vehicle without spending lots of time or cash.

There are numerous advantages to installing a slip-on rocker panel in your car. They not only protect the body of your vehicle from elements but also provide it with a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other vehicles.

Slip-on rocker panels can be an excellent method for giving a touch of style and character to your vehicle or car and are ideal for protecting your investment from damage from the elements.

What are the pros and cons Of Slip-On-Rocker-Panels?

There are a few points to be aware of before installing slip-on rocker panels onto your vehicle.

Make sure the panels you buy are made of high-quality components that can withstand the elements. Also, ensure there’s only minor corrosion damage to your vehicle since the installation can’t be completed with corrosion-prone vehicles.

In addition, you must adhere to the installation guidelines carefully for a secure fit. Finally, be aware that some rocker panels from aftermarket might not fit your car correctly, so it’s crucial to verify the measurements before purchasing.

What are the benefits of Full-Rocker Panels?

There are many advantages of having total rocker panels for your vehicle. First, they offer protection to the lower area of the vehicle against stones and other debris that tires may throw up. It helps keep your paint fresh and clean for a longer time.

Furthermore, rocker panels with full-length can give your car an aggressive look that can be advantageous for those who want to stand out when you’re out on the highway. In addition, they enhance your car’s airflow and result in better fuel efficiency.

What are the cons of Full-Rocker Panels?

There are numerous benefits for rocker panels that are fully rocker. However, there are some possible drawbacks to be aware of.

They can also make it difficult to exit and enter your vehicle, particularly for taller people or those with longer legs. Furthermore, they may hold dirt and mud, which is challenging to remove.

Furthermore, since they’re in the lower part of the car, it’s much more likely to be damaged during a low-speed collision. Considering adding rocker panels to your vehicle, consider the advantages and disadvantages to determine if they suit you.

What is the cost of a rocker Panel Installation Price?

Next, you must think about the process of installation. Again, two options are available: hire a professional or make it your own. Because this is an issue with many controversies, here’s what it would cost to engage an expert to do the work.

It’ll cost you between $1,000 to $4,000 to replace the rocker panel expertly in a repair shop.

Of course, it is possible to perform the repair yourself. All you require is a few essential tools. You can locate the rocker replacement panels online or at the local auto parts store.

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How to replace the Chevy Silverado rocker panel?

You’ve got your new rocker panel, the equipment, and the time. It’s time to start working and replace the old, worn-out, worn-down panel with a new one. To make it as easy as possible for you, be sure to follow these steps with care.


First, you must take measurements of the old rocker panel to reduce the fresh one to the appropriate size. Next, remove the old panel and take measurements of its length and width. Once you’ve got those measurements, you can transfer them to the new panel. You can then draw a line around the border using markers or pens.

Cutting the Marker Line

Use the angle grinder to cut along the lines. Be as exact as you can. You want your newly installed panel to be manageable because it will fit correctly.

Then, grab your new panel and place it against the sides of the vehicle. The line that up holes to hold the bolts. Also, use markers or pens to mark the holes to ensure you know the locations to drill.

Fixing the rocker panel

Proceed to the next step after you’ve donned your welding gloves and mask. Start clamping the new rocker panel with body clamps. Using too many clamps is unnecessary as the panel is light.


Once the rocker is fixed in place, you can begin welding it onto the sides of your vehicle. Again, make sure to use small and consistent welding to ensure that the panel is firmly connected.

Let the welds utterly cool before proceeding to the next stage.

Grinding the Welds

First, you must remove the old rocker panels by grinding off the welds and holding them in their place. You’ll require a quality angle grinder to do this, and it’s essential to be patient and take care not to harm the surrounding area. After removing all welds, the old panel should fall entirely off.

Cleaning the Surface

When the old panel is removed and the old panel removed, you should tidy the surface before installing the new panel. Wire brushes or a power washer can do the job effectively. Once you’re done, then it’s time to put in this new system.


Before putting up your new panels, applying an anti-rust primer or paint is a great idea. It will safeguard the panel and keep it looking great for many years.

It’s done! You’ve successfully repaired the rocker panel on your Chevy Silverado Rocker Panel.

Do I need to put Rocker Panel Protectors On My Chevy Silverado?

Covers for rocker panels are a fantastic option to safeguard your panels from damage and keep them looking nice. In addition, they’re relatively cheap and easy to install, making them highly recommended to extend your rocker panels’ lifespan.

Factors affecting the Cost of the Chevy Silverado Repair of the Rocker Panel

While there are estimates of the cost of replacing this component, different people will undoubtedly have their cost estimates at the time of replacement.

The amount you’re paying for professional work can play a role. The kind of Silverado you have, the age of your Silverado, and the model of the rocker panels you’re replacing can affect the overall cost. Let’s examine the ways these elements impact costs.

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

You could save much money on a panel replacement by putting in the new pieces yourself. However, you must possess the technical know-how and ability to remove the old pieces to install the new ones.

Additionally, you need the skills to remove other automobile components, like doors, to swap those rocker panels. It is much more challenging than replacing windshield wipers on your own. Think about this before deciding whether you should pay for professional work.


Slip-On Vs. Welded Panel Panel

There are a variety of rocker panels that you can pick from. However, slip-on rocker panels are of less quality than welded ones, and their installation is more expensive. So, you’ll be more expensive for the welded panel.

For instance, when we compared prices for various Chevy Silverado rocker panels sold online, we saw that slip-on rocker panels cost under $100. In contrast set of welded rocker panels can be found between $200 and $300.

The number of rocker panels You’re Replacing.

The cost will depend on how many rocker panels you must change in the Silverado. It could be just one of them, or you may require replacement panels for each side of your truck. It’s almost double the number of components if you have to purchase both.

Additionally, the labor cost will rise if you install two rocker panels instead of just one. It is because of the extra time, and effort mechanics need to set up the two rocker panels.

Age of Your Chevy Silverado

The condition of your vehicle is also a factor in the price of replacing parts. For example, parts are sometimes more expensive for older models because they’re less likely to be available in inventory. In other instances, the parts are more expensive when you buy newer models since they’re contemporary and have higher quality and superior design.

In the case of this model, the Chevy Silverado model, it is apparent that rocker panels are typically more expensive in newer models.

Typ of Chevy Silverado Model

Another factor that can change costs is the kind of Silverado you own. For example, many people own a Chevy Silverado 1500, whereas others own the 3500 or 2500 models. In addition, there are submodels like those of the HD and the Classic Submodels for the Silverado pickup truck.

Overall, the price of a rocker with two sides designed for Chevy Silverado 2500 and Silverado 3500 models isn’t any different. But you might have additional costs for the 3500 and 2500 models if you want to replace the bottom of the rocker and cab part.


How can you avoid Rust Problems?

One method to prevent the rust problem is to periodically clean and seal the panels of the rocker. It can help protect them from weather damage and ensure they look good for a long time. In addition, we strongly recommend Fluid Film’s rust coating because it can ensure that your car is without rust for an extended period!

Another option to keep from the rusting process is to pick a rocker panel constructed from aluminum or stainless steel. These are stronger and less prone to corrosion than conventional steel, which means they’ll last longer and appear more attractive over time.

Whichever path you choose, make sure to conduct your study and choose a top-quality product that will last for a long time.

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Can You Drive With No Rocker Panels?

Technically, it is possible to drive with no rocker panels. However, we don’t suggest this. The rocker panels protect both sides of the car from dirt, rocks, and other particles that tires could throw up. They also offer some structural support, which is why driving with them off could be a better idea.

If you’re involved in an accident that doesn’t have the rocker panel, you have a high possibility that the rear of your car will be severely damaged. It’s too risky. Make sure you change your rocker panels when they are damaged or begin to get rusty.

Can a vehicle with rusty Rocker Panels pass an inspection?

If the rocker panel on your car are rusty, they will likely not get an inspection. It is because rust can cause structural damage. Therefore, if your rocker panel is damaged, ensure they are replaced before you take your vehicle to be inspected.

How to Install Slip-on Rocker Panels?

Installing rocker panels with slip-one is an easy task. First, clean the car’s surface of the vehicle on which the panels are to be put. Then, you can use a tape measure to indicate the location of the panels.

Apply a large amount of sealant or adhesive on the sides of the panel. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to get the most effective outcomes.

Then, you can apply the panels to your car and let them dry for at least 24 hours before driving in your vehicle. Then, you’re done! You’ve installed your brand-new rocker panels with a slip-on.

Do Slip-On Rocker Panels an option better instead of total Rocker Panels?

The most flexible rocker model is the slip-on version which is also the most affordable. With two different installation options, you can alter it to your preferences. Additionally, installation is easy because you can tape them to each other.


If you are looking to replace a Chevy Silverado rocker panel, the first thing to decide is the kind of rocker panel you would like to put in place, such as a slip-on or complete panel. The pros and cons for each, so consider your options thoroughly before deciding.

The rocker panels that are an element of the slip-on layout generally cost between $175 and $250, while complete rocker panels could cost anywhere between $250 and $350.

It will cost approximately $1000-$4000 to replace the panel’s rocker professionally at the repair shop. But, of course, it is possible to perform the repair yourself. All you require is a set of essential tools. In addition, you can locate new rocker panels online or at the local auto parts store.

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