How Wide is a Ford Ranger Bed – 2023 Ford Ranger Bed Size

How Wide is a Ford Ranger Bed. When deciding on the appropriate truck to meet your requirements, one of the primary factors to consider is the bed’s dimensions.

If you plan to utilize your truck for transporting huge items, you’ll need beds that can hold whatever you’re trying to move. So what is the width of the Ford Ranger bed? Read on to discover.

Ford Ranger bed size is the most frequently asked concern on the Ford Ranger forum. The width of the bed was created to be sufficient and narrow.

To ensure that it can move through narrow areas. In this way, you’ll be in a position to transport goods that are 2′-6” in width.

But, to know how wide the Ford ranger bed is, you’ll have to measure both the width and length of the frame of the bed, the clearance on the sides, and the height of the bed from the ground to the headboard as well as from the floor to the deck.


The Ford Ranger’s bed Size

When it concerns trucks, and of the crucial elements is the bed’s size. It’s the place you’ll be bringing your cargo. So what’s the width of the bed of the Ford Ranger?

The answer might be a surprise. The bed of the Ford Ranger is an impressive six and five feet in width. It’s impressive for a car that’s this big. It means you can carry a large amount of stuff in the bed of the Ranger.

If you’re looking for a big bed, this Ford Ranger should definitely be on your list. You’ll be satisfied by its capacity to haul.

How Wide is a Ford Ranger Bed?

What is Ford’s Ranger’s bed Size compared with similar Truck Beds?

When selecting the right truck, one of the most important aspects to consider is the bed’s size. It’s because that’s what you’ll use the truck for mostly – hauling your equipment. What’s more, how does the bed of the Ford Ranger compare to other pickups on the market?

The bed of the Ford Ranger is 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. It’s smaller than the enormous bed available. However, it’s enough to meet most requirements. And, if you need more space, there’s an option for the extended cab and crew-cab variants of the Ranger, which have more extensive beds.

In terms of dimensions, the bed of the Ford Ranger is standard. It’s a bit longer than other trucks on the market but not significantly.

The most notable difference is the length. As previously mentioned, the bed of the Ranger is 6 feet long in contrast to other trucks, which have five or four feet long beds.

If you’re in the market for a car with a bed that’s big, The Ford Ranger is an excellent choice to think about. It may have a smaller mattress on this market; however, it’s sufficient for most people’s needs.


The pros and cons of the Ford Ranger with a Wide Bed

When deciding on an automobile, one of the primary factors you must decide on is the bed’s dimensions.

Certain people prefer a smaller bed for more maneuverability, while some require a wider bed for carrying larger objects. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford Ranger with a wide bed?


The Ford Ranger is a popular option for truck owners due to its flexibility. The two significant advantages are:

More information

One advantage of one benefit of a Ford Ranger with a wide bed is that it can transport more than a smaller vehicle. So, for example, if you want to move furniture or bulky items, you don’t need to consider fitting them in your vehicle.

Additional Space

You’ll also have room to store things if you want to store things in your truck bed overnight.


Although a Ford Ranger with a wide bed could have advantages, there are certain disadvantages to be aware of:

Difficult parallel parking

However, there are negatives to having a large truck bed. One of these is that it could be harder to parallel park or to fit into a narrow space.

A larger turning circle

You’ll also need to be extra cautious when backing up, as you’ll have a greater turning radius. In the end, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford Ranger with a wide bed before deciding.

Why do some people prefer a wider Ford Ranger Bed?

Certain people prefer smaller beds for their Ford Ranger for various reasons. For example, they may like to take the vehicle for off-roading and want more space in the cab to store equipment.

Maybe they prefer the appearance of a more narrow bed. Whatever the reason you’re considering, there are a few points to consider when you’re thinking about this choice.

In the beginning, you’ll need to ensure enough room within the bed for what you’re planning to transport.

The best way to go is to take measurements of the length and width of the item you’re planning to move and then add the appropriate number of feet for each measurement. So you’ll be sure that the items you want to transport will be able to fit.

The second thing to consider is the amount of weight you’ll carry on the bed. Again, a narrower bed will have a smaller weight capacity, so should you transport loads regularly, it might be better to go with a wider bed.

Consider the ease of accessing your belongings on the narrower bed. It may be harder to reach items at the back, so consider adding a storage or divider system to organize all your belongings.

What are the things to think about when selecting the best size of bed in the bed of your Ford Ranger?

When selecting the bed, you will use it in the bed of your Ford Ranger, and there are some things to think about.

It is essential to determine what size bed you require. Beds on Ford Rangers come in two sizes: long and short. The short bed measures six feet long, whereas the long bed measures eight feet long.

If you need help determining the size bed you’ll need, then look at the amount of room you’ve available in your garage area or storage space.

It’s also important to consider how much you typically take within your pickup. For example, if you usually haul oversized items or regularly go camping, it’s best to pick a long bed for ample space.

Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions

The Ford Ranger bed dimensions depend on the cab you pick, and keep this in mind when assessing your requirements and desires.

For example, the Super Cab offers an additional foot of space inside the bed, and drivers who select Super Crew(r) cabins will have more space.

In addition, Super Crew(r) cabin will gain one foot of space inside the truck bed to provide more interior space. Learn about the dimensions of Ford Ranger bed sizes here:

6-foot Super Cab Dimensions of the Bed

In the Super Cab configuration, the Ford Ranger bed dimensions are:

  • Cargo Box Volume 51.8 cubic feet
  • Inside Length: 72.8 inches
  • In-Hand Height 20.8 inches
  • Inside Width (Between Wheelhouses): 44.8 inches

Five-foot Super Crew(r) Dimensions of the bed Dimensions

If your expanding Mascoutah family requires more space in your Ford mid-sized truck, The Super Crew(r) Cab configuration is the ideal match for your list of needs. The Super Crew(r) bed’s dimensions are:

  • Cargo Box Volume 43.3 cubic feet
  • Inside Length: 61.0 inches
  • Internal Height 20.8 inches
  • Inside Width (Between Wheelhouses): 44.8 inches

You can see it is clear that the Ford SuperCab is perfect for people who require equipment that is heavy-duty across Columbia. However, if you frequently tackle difficult work and treacherous terrain in your Ford mid-sized truck, connect with our service department to discuss any options for customization you’re thinking of.


Ford Ranger Interior Cargo Space

Like Ford Ranger truck bed dimensions, the amount of interior space you receive on the upgrade to your pickup truck is contingent on the type of cab you pick. The Super Cab can seat four people. The larger Super Crew(r) can hold up to five persons. Check out the 2021 Ford Ranger interior dimensions here:

Super Cab:

  • 39.8 inches of front headroom
  • 35.9 inches of headroom in the rear
  • 43.1 inches for front legroom
  • 30.4 inches rear legroom

Super Crew(r):

  • 39.8 inches of front headroom
  • 38.3 inches of rear headroom
  • 43.1 inches maximum front legroom
  • 34.5 inches rear legroom

Ford Ranger Interior Features

Although the Ford Ranger offers ample space and powerful features to meet the demands of the workplace, It also comes with modern interior features that help make life on and off working more pleasurable. The luxurious Ford Ranger offers a highlight reel of conveniences, featuring options such as:

  • 2.3-inch Productivity Screen
  • Pre-Collision Assist, with Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Ford MyKey(r)
  • Front and back 12-Volt PowerPoints
  • Ford SYNC(r)
  • Applink(r)
  • FordPass Connect(TM) is equipped with a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot

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Final Verdicts!

If you’re discussing the width of the truck bed, the bed of a Ford Ranger truck is about sixty inches in width. It varies based on the year and model of production. However, the majority of Rangers come with beds that are approximately five feet in width.