How to Reset Speedometer on Chevy Silverado?

How to Reset Speedometer on Chevy Silverado: The Chevy Silverado is among the best trucks available. It is, however, just like every other vehicle on the road. Therefore, it needs to be maintained. Understanding how you can reset your speedometer on your Chevy Silverado is essential to understanding and maintaining this pickup.

The speedometer in the dashboard of your Chevy Silverado is a virtual device that will tell you the speed at which your truck is moving. It is, therefore, crucial to understand what all the gauges are telling you, including the speedometer.

If the speedometer isn’t operating correctly, it could hinder you from reaching speed limits on the highway and result in tickets when there’s a problem when using it.

The speedometer is connected to your transmission, so you must know how to alter the reading once you’ve installed a brand-new gearbox or transmission.

It is also essential to do this before going to your vehicle for an inspection because there are strict rules in place to guarantee that speedometers are accurate.

If you’re seeking ways to reset the speedometer on your Silverado, there are various methods you can use.

How do I reset the speedometer in Chevy Silverado? Step through Step Guide

Driving the Chevy Silverado comes with several obligations, such as being able to set the speedometer after an adjustment to the gearboxes of your transmission and another system. Although getting a professional to handle it is possible, changing to the correct speed on the Silverado yourself is feasible and will save you money over the long term.

It is a step-by-step guide to reset the speedometer on your Silverado.

Step 1. Eliminating The Cover

You’ll first require to take off the protective cover and expose the Silverado’s transmission. There are many ways to do this, for example, using your headlight your flashlight. However, the most efficient method is to loosen the screws on the opposite sides of the panel with an eight-mm screwdriver.

Step 2. Remove The Speedometer Unit

The next step is to take the speedometer out. It’s a very sturdy mechanism, so you must be highly cautious when you do this. If it becomes loose, you’ll need to unplug these cables by pulling them off their clips and then moving them away from your transmission.

Make sure you gently grip the brackets that hold the glass to the speedometer until the glass is lifted off.

Step 3. Take The Glass Off

Now, you must take the glass off the speedometer. Again, it’s as simple as taking it off with a gentle pull. If you’re using an all-new Silverado, however, you might need help finding the glass on the inside, as a plastic cover usually replaces them.

4. Take The Needle to Zero

With the assistance of your hand, you’ll be able to reduce the needle until it is at zero. Then, if it’s not stuck, it should be a straightforward task for you.

Phase 5: Stitching it all back together

After resetting your speedometer, you’re ready to put it all back together. However, before doing that, you’ll be required to connect the cable and change the windshield. Now you should be equipped with a speedometer available for use.


How to Reset Speedometer on Chevy Silverado?

The computer inside the Chevy Silverado keeps the truck operational and allows you to operate it safely. There are a variety of reasons you may need to reset your computer. If you’re searching for ways to accomplish that, you can find numerous ways to accomplish this task.

This is the step-by-step guide do you reset your PC the Silverado:

First Step: Search For The Computer

The first thing you’ll have to do is locate the computer, which will be located on it the side that is the driver. Next, you’ll need to remove a few parts, including the glove box and the air conditioning unit.

Step 2. Disconnecting Wires

Once you have the Silverado Dashboard exposed, you’ll be required to cut off all the wires from beneath it. The most effective method to accomplish this is to take out the relay.

Step 3. Unscrewing the Computer

Once all the wires are connected, you’ll be required to unbolt the Silverado’s PC using an awl and remove the chip inside. It is as simple as moving it clockwise until it is out of the socket.

4. Setting The Computer

You can now reset the computer by pressing the “Reset” or the “Reset” button while plugging into a pair of cables for jumper connections to your chip. After you’ve done that, you can look at the LED blinks for a reset of this computer. It could take some time, depending on the specific model of Silverado.

5. Replacing Chip

Then, you can swap the chip and reduce it back to its original location. Finally, reinstall the relay into its socket, and you’ll be in the process of being able to reset your computer.

How and when should It be Time to Reset Your Speedometer?

In the past, looking back on the situation of a malfunctioning speedometer in a car, the majority of the mechanics made an exchange instead of the solution. It is okay to replace when there are options for you.

You won’t need to reset the speedometer for regular operation. Most of the time, the faults or issues in the speedometer will be apparent if the driver decides to switch the battery to an upgraded model or change it.

For the vehicle that is jump-started, there could be an electrical spike that causes the speedometer to go into a hyperdrive state. Therefore, resetting the speedometer is the most simple solution to this issue.


How long will it take to set the speedometer?

If you need help with how to reset the speedometer of your Chevy Silverado, we’ll assume you know how long it takes to reset.

There are only a few steps to reset your speedometer. The entire procedure will take just 20 minutes if you follow the instructions precisely if you’re a new person and need to become more familiar with the procedure. On the other hand, it could take more than 20 minutes.

Tools You’ll Need to Perform Reset

Resetting the speedometer of your Chevy Silverado is relatively easy. However, you’ll require a few essential tools to complete the reset. We have listed the tools required to reset the device.

  • Torchlight
  • Multimeter
  • OBD Diagnostic
  • Socket set
  • Fuel system cleaner
  • Jump to the cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Cable cutter
  • 8mm Wrench

These tools ought to be sufficient to repair your broken speedometer. However, if you are replacing the speedometer, you might require additional tools. We suggest going to a repair station for your card for faster service.

What is the reason my speedometer is telling me the wrong speed?

If your car’s speedometer shows a wrong speed and it’s due to a malfunctioning speedometer. Numerous negative causes or explanations could cause this issue, like a blown a fuse on the cluster when the tire size doesn’t match the damaged wire. There are many issues. In addition to these reasons, it is possible to have various other issues because it’s a piece of equipment.

What is the cost of calibrating the speedometer?

The recalibration of a speedometer is a manageable job. If you know the steps you need to take, you’ll be able to do it without having to bear any expanse. If you’re still unable to resolve the issue, you can seek an expert, which can cost between $50 and $100. However, the price can vary following the services your vehicle requires.

What is the location where the Speedometer Sensor is?

If the speedometer sensor in your vehicle is damaged, you’ll require replacing the sensor as quickly as possible. The speedometer sensor is situated on the passenger side of the house of transmissions. Additionally, other sensors are essential in the exact spot.

Final Verdict

Chevy Silverado is among the most desirable cars recognized for its build quality and performance. But, unfortunately, even the top of the best may fail after a few years of use. So if you purchased a Chevy Silverado and the speedometer isn’t showing the correct speed, it’s time to check the gadget.

If you’re a novice, contemplating what to do about resetting the speedometer of the Chevy Silverado is a common concern. The steps we have shown can assist you in resetting the speedometer. I hope that you find this helpful.