How to Reset Service Brake system Light Silverado

Chevy Silverado owners have come to observe that in the dashboard, there is usually a warning light known as “Service Brake Light,” which illuminates when there is a problem with the brake system and needs to be repaired.

What if this light suddenly comes on, and you’re not familiar with how to reset it? Do not panic! You can do some couple of things to get the light in your truck up and running again.

In this blog post, you will read how to reset the service brake light warning light on your Chevy Silverado so that you can safely return to the road.

What is a Service Brake System Light On Chevy Silverado?

A Service Brake System light indicates a warning light that is generally orange or red and is usually located on the dash. It looks like this.

The light will illuminate the car’s interior when you start your vehicle. However, the light turns off if you turn it from ON to START again.

There are a many different reasons why your Service Brake System Light might come on, and a bit of automotive knowledge is required to deduce what it means. However, the most common reason for the Service Brake System Light to come on is that your brake pads need servicing.

There are two main brake pad types: shoe and disc. Disc pads are the most common. The third type of brake pad is for your emergency brake, but it’s still nowhere near as common as shoe pads or disc pads.

If you have a BRAKE SYSTEM service lamp, you must take your automobile to a mechanic’s shop or service station to check it out. It is highly recommended that you accomplish this as soon as possible since the brake pads are a safety system and must be replaced at least once a year.

How to Reset Service Brake system Light Silverado


Why does really the Service Brake System light come on a Silverado truck?

There are several reasons why the Service Brake System warning light might come on in a Chevrolet Silverado truck. Some of the reasons are listed below.

The Issue With The Service Brake System:

The service department’s system for slowing a truck should be working appropriately so the vehicle will come to a complete stop when required. However, occasionally, trouble occurs with this system, which triggers the brake pedal to sense the need, causing the light to go on.

Truck Needs To Be Serviced:

On some types of commercial vehicles, a light will turn on when the operator needs to take the car in for service. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as the brake pads or the fluid in the tank needing to be changed.

Incorrect Brake Fluid Level:

If the brake fluid level is not correct, it can cause the brake light to come on. That’s because the fluid level needs to be accurate to force the truck to stop effectively.

Air In The Brake Lines:

The air in the wheel lines can make it difficult for the lorry to stop. That’s because this air will be able to compress, making it harder for the truck to stop.

Broken Brake Pad:

If a brake pad becomes damaged or worn, it can trigger the light to come on. This is because the worn pad can be attributed to the brakes failing to function correctly.

Faulty Brake Caliper:

If the brake caliper is not working correctly, it can affect the truck’s ability to stop. This is because the caliper is all responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads, and if the issue continues, it could prevent the truck from stopping.

Bad Brake Rotor:

If the brake rotor is damaged or not working, it can cause the light to come on. This is because the rotor is responsible for the vehicle’s ability to brake, and if it’s damaged, getting the brake to stop can be more difficult.


How do you know when the Service Brake System light needs reset?

You can figure out when the Service Brake System warning light must be reset by monitoring the light that alerts you. When the light comes on and starts flashing, a reset is required.

This indicates that you have a problem with the service brake system, and the truck will need to be serviced. Another way to recognize this is if the light is on and stays solid. This indicates that you need the light to be reset.

What to do if the light keeps coming on after you’ve reset it?

If the light still keeps coming on after you’ve reset the light, it may be involved in the service system’s malfunctioning. In that case, you will need to schedule a repair appointment with an auto repair shop to have your issue inspected. An authorized mechanic will ascertain why the system continues to malfunction and may need to replace or repair it, depending on your particular situation.

How to reset the Service Brake System light on a Chevy Silverado truck?

If the service brake-system warning light on your Chevy Silverado truck comes on, don’t fret! There are several different things you can do to reset it.

Disconnect The Battery: One way to extinguish the light is by removing its battery. To begin this process, identify the battery’s negative (-) and positive ( + ) terminals and apply the required torque to loosen the terminal nuts. Once the nuts are loosened, follow the instructions to remove the terminals from the battery and wait for five minutes before returning them. This can reset the light.

  1. Check The Service Brake Fluid Level:

Another way to restore the light is to check the brake fluid level and top it off if there is fluid left. To get started, locate the brake fluid reservoir inside your vehicle’s engine, remove the cap, and determine if the fluid level is low. If so, add brake fluid as necessary and refill the utmost possible. Once you have refilled the necessary amount of fluid, replace the cap and start the truck. The light will be reset.

  1. Check For Leaks:

If you don’t leak, the next thing you’ll do is search for a leak in the system. If there are any, they will need to be fixed before the light goes on.

  1. Bleed The Service Brake System:

Do not perform any scheduled maintenance on the system unless there are no leaks. This can be completed in collaboration with a professional, or you can refer to your own Silverado owner’s manual.

  1. Replace The Service Brake Light Bulb:

If the light is still on after performing these steps, then you may need to replace the service brake light bulb.

  1. Get A Service Manual:

If you want to reset and diagnose your vehicle’s lights without the assistance of a professional, you may need to go through a service manual for your truck. This guidebook will provide detailed instructions for effectively resolving and troubleshooting your automobile’s lights.


If your vehicle has been in a crash, will this affect the existence of You’ve Had A Brake Light On Or Off For Service That You Later Needed When Your Silverado Truck Was Stopped?

If your Silverado has been in an accident, this can be a factor in the occurrence of the braking system warning light. After an accident, you must ensure that a certified mechanic thoroughly inspects your vehicle to ensure everything is functioning properly. This includes the service braking system. If you find that there is an issue with the system, the light will stay on until it is repaired.

Final Words!

There are different number of reasons why the first light on the service center’s crash signalling system goes off, such as faulty brakes, insufficient rotor, and imperfect functioning of calipers. To reset the morning, you must remove and measure the laptop battery for leaks and bleed the system.

You must replace the service brake light bulb if necessary. However, you can get a service manual for your truck to be able to troubleshoot the service brake system light by yourself. In this guide, we have not only discussed the reasons for the problem but also suggested some ways to replace the brake service light on your Chevrolet Silverado correctly.

For further details about this page or the light, please don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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