How to Jack up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

How to Jack up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer? Sleeping past dawn because you could not find a stable place to park your pickup truck before your weeklong camping trip is over is an unpleasant reality for many folks who bought a trailer. But, if you happened to be one of them, you no longer need to worry. Thankfully, you can discover how to hook up your dual axle trailer safely.

One of the great benefits of buying owners of a travel trailer is that you can go along for the ride, which can also be very stressful because it is so challenging to load up. One of the ways to take this stress out of the process is by purchasing travel trailer jacks which provide the appropriate assistance.

If you have ever tried to jack up a vehicle or trailer, it should be apparent that jacking something up is not as convenient as it might seem. The results can be disastrous if you don’t know how to do that.

Before proceeding further with this information, let me just say, Be careful! There’s confidence about moving heavy objects such as automobiles and trailers. However, you must be sure to take proper safety precautions.

You want to hire a professional to get your dual-axle travel trailer off the ground most of the time, but a service provider isn’t always in your budget. Some situations may force you to crawl out of a motorhome and repair something immediately, or maybe you’re stuck in mud and want to get your trailer out of the muck as fast as possible.

Knowing how to use a dual-axle travel trailer is a useful skill, whether on the road or in your hometown.


Buy a heavy-duty dual-axle travel trailer. You will need certain equipment.

When it comes to jacking up a travel trailer, there are some specialized tools and supplies you will need.

These include:

  1. Two 4-foot floor jacks
  2. Heavy-duty jack stands(optional)
  3. Safety Glasses
  4. Tire ramp for dual axle travel trailers
  5. Spare Tire
  6. Wrench or socket wrench
  7.  Power bar (Breaker bar)

Now you know what tools you need, let’s move on to the actual process.

To raise a dual-axle travel trailer, execute the workflow.

Some things can tell you how to jack up the dual-axle travel trailer, and this guide will teach you some of them. You will need a few hand tools for the most straightforward method. Other methods are more complicated, but you are sure to find the gear you can utilize if you have the means.

This guidebook will show you how to jack up your dual-axle travel trailer, and you can complete it in multiple ways. A simple way is through using simple hand tools. However, other, more complex methods must be considered for more complex needs.

How to Jack up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

What size jack should I use for a travel trailer?

Refrain from using the trailer-stabilizing jacks when lifting a trailer, as you’ve probably learned by now. They are only created for holding the trailer and are not meant to assist with lifting. Therefore, they cannot be used.

The specific trailer weight limit and trailer must also be considered. For some jacks, the maximum weight they can hold is only 2,000 lbs, while others have a maximum capacity of 6,000 lbs. In addition, maximum ground clearance is often 14 inches maximum, while for some jacks, it remains at 21 inches.

You must know how much weight the trailer could accommodate between the axle parts and where the best jack point is on the vehicle. It may be helpful to get jacks with greater weight capacities than you need.

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Here is a step-by-step process for jacking up your trailer.

1.) Park Your Trailer At Safe Place

It is essential to park your RV awning in a safe place safely. If possible, park your trailer in a flat area or, if necessary, in a location where you can back your vehicle on a gravel or dirt surface. That way, the trailer won’t slide off your jack stands if they are not appropriately positioned.

2.) Place Jack Stands Underneath Your Travel Trailer

It is crucial for you to park your trailer in a flat, sturdy area. If possible, pile it on an even surface or in a place you can drive on and parallel park if necessary (in the event of rain or other factors). This way, the trailer won’t slide off the jacks if they are not set up correctly.

3.) Place The Tire Ramp Underneath Your Travel Trailer

Now, put the tire ramp behind the inflated tire to raise the height of the jack stand. This will facilitate your jack of her travel trailer as you drive. In addition, this helps ensure that you will not puncture the hub with your jack stand.


4.) Apply Handbrake And Parking Brake

Make a point of using your trailer’s hand brake to prevent the trailer from shifting if you jack up. It does not need to be explicitly utilised, but it will help ensure your load stays put while you’re being hauled. In addition, informing yourself if your trailer features a parking brake is a way to guarantee that the trailer remains centered.

4.) Lift The Trailer

You should set up your panel jacks and put jack stands in the wheel well (on both sides). Use your floor jack to raise the jack stand as needed, and be sure it does not exceed the maximum lifting height so that your jack stands are extended fully.

5.) Change The Tire

After you have removed the flat tire, you will see where you can lift the tire off of the edge of the rim to change the beaded part of your tire. You may need to get your jack under the axle to loosen the lug nuts on both sides of the wheel and place the iron grip on the back of each lug nut. You should put the air in your spare into the tire and then tighten the lug nuts securely.

6.) Lower Your Travel Trailer And Remove The Jack Stands

When you’ve finished changing your tire, it is time to lower your travel trailer to the ground and remove the jack stands you used for raising it. Reverse the steps to jack up your trailer and remove the stands properly. You just did those things in jacking up that travel trailer!

If you plan to jack up your travel trailer, you should be sure to use safety precautions.

You should follow a few simple safety measures to avoid jacking up your trailer.

1: Make sure somebody is nearby to assist you if your trailer stops on shaky ground.

2: Lift your trailer in a safe location (on even ground or off-road at an angle).

3: Remember that pets and children should not be near the trailer as you are jacking it up.

4: Use safety glasses to protect yourself from debris falling or flying off as you jack up your trailer.

5: Think about whether the place you are jacking up your trailer is stable and secure.

6: Apply a handbrake and parking brake before jacking up your travel trailer.

7: Plug in jacks underneath each wheel of your vehicle to support your travel trailer as you raise it.

Where to Jack a Travel Trailer

The size of the trailer, the rear-axle size, and the model and the make will affect the amount of space you’ll need. We’ve already mentioned several first-rate situations. For example, some dealers position the trailers onto the ground, while Others have suggested driving them along the sidewalk and putting the axles on blocks.

Would the two choices also depend upon the weight of your basic-layout trailer at the time? Lighter trailers are often quite versatile, while heavier ones are more sensitive to your weight when raising and lowering it. The following issue is multiple variables. Several owners have built enclosed underbellies on their travel trailers.

Those bottom materials are incapable of carrying any substantial weight. If you jack (jack) your trailer by pushing up (uplifting) on it using those materials, you will cause yourself a lot of harm. Sometimes, you will only be working with (having ) the axles (axles). Where you jack your trailer up will be up to you, not as a worthwhile exit, but you know your camper has the best and the most vital points for doing this.

Final Verdicts

When you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, follow the five simple steps outlined in this article to jack up your trailer safely and avoid injury. We hope this write-up will help you to jack up your travel trailer and replace that flat tire on a trip!

You often have to learn how to jack up your trailer as a skill you will have to do many times before you’re confident with your technique. However, the more you practice, the better you will become at it, and you’ll be able to do much more with your trailer. You should always try to learn how to learn like this, as it can be a delightful and helpful experience!

Traveling is much more enjoyable if your trailer is stable and secure. This worry will be less of an issue for you after you gain the skill to level a regular trailer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further help with this task! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too!


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