How Much Horsepower Do Exhaust Systems Add?

How Much Horsepower Do Exhaust Systems Add? Exhaust systems do more than make your engine sound better. An exhaust system can increase your engine’s power and efficiency. How much horsepower can an exhaust add to your engine? It all depends on what type of car you drive, your engine configuration, and the exhaust system choice.

Performance mufflers. These are not clamp-on, oversized tailpipes that will improve your car’s performance. They might even slow down your vehicle. These parts add weight and resistance to the exhaust flow but don’t open it up.

Instead, the exhaust overlaps to create the appearance of a larger exhaust while the same old narrow pipes continue to do all the work. You can only get more horsepower with high-quality exhaust parts. A cheap “aesthetic” accessory won’t provide the same aural benefits as a genuine one.

A cat-back upgrade usually includes a performance muffler. Cat-back refers to everything from the catalytic convert onto the back of your car, including middle pipes and a resonator. It is illegal in most states to alter the catalytic converter due to environmental regulations. However, it is permissible to upgrade cat-back components.

The muffler, or just the tailpipe, is what people see. It’s one of the visual indicators that can indicate whether a car has been modified. It could be helpful if you’re out on the streets looking at cars or shopping for used vehicles. All those ugly clamp-on tailpipe extenders and covers might be convincing enough for someone far away.

We need to be clear: If you are talking about the muffler, upgrading the cat-back system is the only way to experience significant power gains. You can upgrade the muffler by itself, but it is a good idea, especially if the muffler is a rusted mess that you must replace.


The gains, if any, will be very minimal. It is not enough to replace your car’s exhaust system. It will allow for more airflow and improve performance. Everything before the muffler will be congested, as pressure and performance potential is highest.

MagnaFlow, a manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust, claims that customers can expect horsepower increases of about 10 percent. It is a familiar figure. However, MagnaFlow warns that this is not a guarantee.

The car’s overall condition will play a significant role in its performance potential, regardless of whether it has any other upgrades. Also, don’t expect a performance muffler to solve all your problems. Performance mufflers work best when working together.

What Horsepower Does an Exhaust System Add?

It might surprise you that some cars can achieve up to 12% more power by using an aftermarket exhaust system. Therefore, you must understand the differences between each exhaust system and how they affect performance.

This article will help you find the easy answers to these questions. This post will explain horsepower and the different types of exhaust systems. We will also share some tips to help you choose an exhaust system that is right for your vehicle. Let’s get started.

How Much Horsepower Does Dual Exhaust Add?

Your car’s performance will be improved by having dual exhaust systems. The exhaust stroke is the last stroke of an engine’s combustion cycle.

The engine can move all of the used-up and remaining fuel bits before allowing new air to ignite the fuel. As a result, many aftermarket dual exhaust systems manufacturers claim increased horsepower.

A dual system added to a smaller engine, like an inline 4-cylinder, won’t make a big difference unless the engine already has 400 turbocharged horsepower.

Getting the exhaust out as fast as possible would be a good idea. A performance muffler can be installed as part of a more considerable cat-back upgrade. Cat-back refers to everything from the converter on the back of the car, including middle pipes and a resonator.

Most states have environmental regulations that make it illegal to alter the converter. However, it is permissible to replace the cat-back parts. The muffler is the only thing people see. It’s one of those visual indicators that will tell you if a car has been modified.


What Does Horsepower Mean?

One unit of power used for engines is horsepower. Horsepower is the amount of work an engine can do in one minute. A car with more horsepower will perform faster and can do more work. For example, 500 horsepower means that a vehicle can perform 500 units of work per minute.

It measures how much power a car’s engine produces. The combustion of gasoline produces horsepower. This energy is used to move the pistons. A car engine’s horsepower is determined by how many cylinders it has. The more pistons it has, the more horsepower it can produce. V8 engines are the most powerful, making them more powerful.

What are the Benefits of Dual Exhaust?

Dual exhaust can make a vehicle more efficient and save you money on gas. However, the amount of gas you use will depend on your vehicle and the modifications you make to improve its horsepower. You can add a programmable chip to your pc or make other engine modifications. You can make the exhaust bigger and more efficient, but this could reduce your savings from the dual exhaust.

How Much Horsepower Do Exhaust Systems Add

The benefits of the dual exhaust

  • Double exhaust vehicles have a higher gas mileage. The engine runs more efficiently and requires less effort.
  • More Engine Horsepower: Exhaust gases from engine combustion chambers exit faster than one because there are two exit pipes.
  • Deeper exhaust sound: Vehicles with dual systems produce a more pronounced sound. It is what some people prefer. Even when the engine is idle, it sounds powerful and loud. People often associate more audible sounds with higher engine performance.
  • Cooler Engine Temperature: The dual exhaust makes the engine run more efficiently and is, therefore, more relaxed than other types. The engine will last longer because it has a lower operating temperature and is more efficient.


Cons of Dual Exhaust

  • Cost: A dual exhaust system is more expensive than a single one. It could be because the dual exhaust requires more parts. Larger
  • Structure: A dual exhaust system is more complex than a single one. It will increase your car’s weight and give you more options for repairs and replacements in the event of an exhaust failure.
  • A shorter life span: Dual exhaust pipes don’t heat much, so moisture can condense in the exhaust and cause it to rust more quicker.

What other improvements can you make to your car for more horsepower?

You can increase your car’s horsepower by using an exhaust system, but you can do more. A better fuel filter can help your engine run more efficiently. As a result, it can increase your car’s horsepower. In addition, this can make your car’s engine more responsive and provide better performance.

Superchargers can be used to boost the airflow into your engine. They can either be belt-driven or geared-driven. Superchargers that are belt-driven are typically located in the car’s engine compartment. They are powered by a belt that wraps around the engine. Superchargers that are gear-driven are usually found in the car’s airbox.

Does Dual Exhaust Need Two Catalytic Converters?

Cars with Dual Exhaust While most production cars have only 1 convertor, some do include two. Cars with dual exhaust often have two catalytic converters one for each set of pipes running from the headers to the rear of the vehicle.

Top-Rated Dual Exhaust Brands

  1. MagnaFlow system
  2. Flow master American Thunder system
  3. Heartthrob system
  4. Borla system. MBRP exhaust
  5. Corsa system
  6. PaceSetter Monza exhaust
  7. JBA Performance system

Throw Exhaust System Manufacturer Estimates Out the Window

It’s easy to show huge horsepower gains on paper because horsepower is a function of RPM. Diesel trucks are an excellent example. Because they produce vast amounts of torque, adding 35 lb-ft at 3,300 RPM results in a gain in horsepower of 23hp.

Although this number may seem impressive, an extra 35 lb-ft torque at 3,300 RPM won’t be that helpful to the average diesel truck owner. Although it is a significant increase, more is needed to make your diesel truck more powerful.

Another reason to place less stock in manufacturer estimates is that Dyno results can be easily manipulated. A vehicle can show significant differences from one test to another without needing to modify its engine when tested on a Dyno.

A manufacturer can make a massive gain if they take their worst from their “before” and their best from “after” runs. It is primarily due to standard variations between runs.

In other words, exhaust system performance estimations are always very generous. For example, the kit from Magna flow supposedly has 13 hp, while the kit from Flow master supposedly has eight hp. So there is a good chance that they will perform very close.


Is a performance exhaust worth it?

The overall condition of the car plays an important role in its performance potential.

Does a muffler increase horsepower?

Replacing your car’s muffler alone is not enough to open up the restrictive exhaust system and allow the extra airflow that increases performance.

How much horsepower does a performance muffler add?

MagnaFlow, a manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust, claims that customers can expect horsepower increases of about 10 percent. This is a common figure. MagnaFlow warns however that this is not a guarantee.

Do mufflers increase horsepower?

If you are talking about the muffler it is important to understand that the entire cat-back system can be upgraded. This will allow you to experience significant power gains. You can upgrade the muffler by itself, particularly if it is a rusted out mess that you have to replace.

How much does it cost to put a muffler on?

According to Midas, it can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 to replace a muffler. Keep in mind this is not the estimated cost to upgrade the vehicle’s entire cat-back system.

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Final Verdicts!

The exhaust system of your engine plays an important role. They are meant to reduce noise and vibration.

They are usually an afterthought in most cases. However, the quality of your exhaust system will determine how powerful your engine is.

If you want your car to have the best power, get a set high-quality exhaust system.
It depends on what model you have, what you are looking to do, and how far you want. Before you purchase an exhaust system, it is essential to determine how powerful your car is.

I hope this post was helpful! We appreciate your reading!