Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Chargers – Options You Must Purchase!

Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Chargers, Imagine purchasing your dream car and not getting the desired fuel and horsepower efficiency from the engine. This may lead you to find alternatives or explore different engine accessories. Just to make it perform better!

While doing so, you’ll surely come across a cold air intake system. It is an aftermarket accessory that many automobile owners consider getting to improve the torque efficiency and horsepower of their vehicle’s engine.

Did you do the same? Great!

But what if you get confused about picking the best cold air intake for a 5.7 hemi charger? You’ll need a complete guide then. So, to help you and to make you choose the best cold air intake system in the market, we have added some options in the following guide.

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Top-Rated Cold Air Intake or 5.7 Hemi-Chargers

It will be overwhelming to pick one right cold air intake for your vehicle’s engine, as there are many options in the market. But, with the right guidance and information, upgrading the cold air intake filter becomes easy and makes your vehicle soar like never before.

Some worthy options that you must consider purchasing are given as under:

1.  K&N Cold Air Filter Kit 57-1542

People are fond of getting racing cars these days. But, when it comes to the engine of these cars, a lot can be done to improve the overall efficiency. When doing so, you may come across K&N’s

cold air intake filter kit, as it has been marking records recently. Also, it works perfectly for used cars too. Thus, if you’re considering purchasing it, you’re doing it right!

Key Features:

It comes with a bundle of key features that attract customers to purchase it on the first look. It is known for improving the engine’s performance compared to the built-in kits. Pollution stands out from the market by preventing the accumulation of all pollutants. Thousands of minuscule cotton filters are also present. This will cause no insertion of toxins in the engine.

Here’s more:

You can easily fit it in the OE filter chamber without changing anything. After its installation in the OE chamber, an increased uphill function is also observed. Besides, it allows users to drive about 10000 miles before cleaning or changing it.

    • Sounds perfect for racing cars
    • Comes with no hefty installation
    • Supports high mileage before changing the filters
    • A high price tag may surprise you

User Experience:

With the integration of K&N Cold Air Intake, the engine performed better. It was efficient in fuel burning and gave an extra horsepower. So yes, including this filter intake in your vehicle can bring the best results. You can also run a dyno test to know the results of different K&N systems.

2.  Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Have you considered customizing your newly bought car according to your consideration? If yes, you must install Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit in the engine and observe the change in the sound it makes. Perfect for all vehicles, from SUVs to trucks, this option has made all customer expectations real with its improved performance. Also, users love purchasing it as it improves fuel economy by a few MPG.

Key Features:

An amazing feature of this product is its ability to improve the throttle response. This potential increase in the throttle increases the vehicle’s overall acceleration and uphill performance when towing. It comes with an advanced oiled synthetic filter that will protect your engine. Furthermore, it is famous for improving airflow by 50%.

It not only comes with an enhanced look but also provides extended durability to the engine. Combined with Mandrel-bent chrome tubing, it is known for boosting airflow. This tubing also enhances the outlook of the cold air intake filter kit to a greater extent. You’ll get all the necessary brackets, couplers, clamps, and adapters with it.

  • Helps to increase the torque and horsepower
  • Perfect for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUV
  • Installation takes no time
  • Sometimes cause a miss-fire in the engine

User Experience:

Customers are quite happy with the vehicle’s easy installation process and increased horsepower. As dyno tested, it marks all expectations about the performance and quality. Premium-level materials are used in the construction. Thus, longevity is well-ensured. This way, you’ll not regret purchasing Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake Kit.


3.  Airaid Cold Air Intake System

Whether running your vehicle on gas or diesel, you’ll always want an increase in horsepower. It can only happen if you consider getting your hands on the Airaid Cold Air Intake System. Towing, hauling, and explosive power are some demanding benefits of its installation. It never disappoints users who are always eager to go the extra mile to increase their engine’s throttle and horsepower.

Key Features:

You’ll love the custom fit of this cold air intake system as it easily adjusts with the 5.7 hemi chargers without causing any problems. It dramatically increases the airflow. This potential increase in the airflow aids great gains in the horsepower and torque of the engine. Furthermore, it comes with two options, high-flow cotton gauze SynthaFlow oiled filter and synthetic SynthaMax dry filter.

So, all you need to do is pick the right filter to get perfect results. It is also available in two versatile intake designs. These are Quick Fit System and Quick Fit System with Airaid Intake Tube. Both these systems work best in increasing the engine efficiency by connecting with the Intake tube. Also, you can easily customize it according to the vehicle’s model and year.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Installation takes only 30 minutes
  • The whole system is washable and reusable
  • Sometimes package comes with missing parts

User Experience:

You can cope with the missing parts by visiting the inventory. However, it marks a record in satisfying customers and bringing them a boost in horsepower. The fitment and installation are perfect. Customers are happy with the final results.

4. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-11342 Performance Intake System

Horsepower and torque define the two most promising factors when measuring the overall performance of a 5.7 hemi charger. Many vehicles with similar engines are unable to produce the desired throttle. Such customers search for aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-111342 Performance Intake System. It never disappoints users looking forward to the increased horsepower of engines after their installation.

Key Features:

It has a demanding 7″ tall air filter supporting 360-degree radial airflow. This causes the maximum airflow in the engine and improves the performance to a noticeable extent. Furthermore, 5 layers of progressively finer mesh cotton media filters keep the engine clean from dust and debris. Another amazing feature is the availability of high-quality tubes to give maximum power gains.

It doesn’t cause excessive noise by reducing air intake. While doing so, it doesn’t sacrifice power. It also offers a urethane plug if you want to block the auxiliary air inlet. You can use this plug to cater to the blockage of the air inlet. One of the most amazing things customers love about it is its hassle-free installation. It comes with all clamps and couples to make installation an easy process.

  • Comes with a 350 CFM
  • It has a CAD-designed roto-molded tube for air intake
  • The auxiliary air inlet comes with a vacuum form cover
  • It causes a MAF sensor issue

User Experience:

Regular usage of aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-111342 Performance Air Intake Kit has brought the best results regarding throttle and working performance. No pollution hazards and blockages have been observed in the engine after its installation. Thus, it will be worth your money.


5. Mopar 77070044AC Cold Air Intake

Besides power, the performance of the internal combustion happening in the engines affects the durability and working of your vehicle. That is why people who want their vehicles to last longer than usual always look for quality-made cold air intake systems. For such people, Mopar 77070044 Cold Air Intake does wonders. It not only provides extra horsepower but also assists the engine’s durability.

Key Features:

This cold air intake comes with a perfect bolt-on system. The integration of this system in the filter allows cool air to enter the cone filter. Entry of cold air is then directed from the funnel to the intake manifold of the engine. In this way, the engine’s internal combustion takes place efficiently without burning extra fuel. Once you’re done installing it in your vehicle, you’ll observe a clear increase in horsepower and torque.

Surprised? Read more!

With its versatility, the Mopar Cold air intake system can easily adjust to different atmospheric conditions. From melting heat to freezing cold, it assists the engine in keeping up the high working efficiency. There is also a blue filter and Mopar logo on the intake tube. This shows the authenticity of the product. In addition to all these features, it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Perfect to use for the engine in all weather conditions
  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • Perfect for increasing the fuel efficiency of the engine
  • Some users find it a bit expensive

User Experience:

Many worthy features make users purchase it without worrying about the price tag. It has solved the problem of excessive fuel burning in the engine and left people amazed with its durability. So, you must consider all these plus points and purchase them immediately.

5. Injen Technology SP1121P Polished Intake System

Imagine getting a cold air intake system without a warranty and finding it defective after slight usage. You’ll do nothing but regret purchasing such a cold air intake for a 5.7 hemi charger. So, to help you, we have added Injen Technology SP1121P Polished Intake System. It comes with a lifelong warranty and a bundle of astounding features.

Key Features:

The construction is made up of the highest quality aerospace aluminum, which increases its corrosion resistance. Thus, you can use it as long as your engine lasts. Furthermore, the addition of aluminum in its manufacturing also saves its weight by making it easy to carry. Considerable torque improvements and greater horsepower are observed after its assembly in the engine.

Yes, you heard it right!

It has Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded hardware. This feature makes it perfect for heavy engines. There is also surgical cotton gauze which you can easily oil to maintain the colder airflow in the funnel. Besides, it also prevents all types of obstructions in the intake system. The presence of Air Fusion technology is responsible for its increased fame.

  • Produce great sound
  • Comes with a high-quality build
  • Noticeable jump in horsepower
  • Requires recurrent maintenance

User Experience:

Easy installation, high-quality construction, and TIG hardware have made it stand out of the crowd for customers. After installing it in the engine, users have noticed a visible increase in horsepower, throttle, and torque. If you want all this, you must purchase this product without delay.


7. Ares Motorsports Cold Air Intake System

Many people want a soaring voice in their vehicle when running it. But, they fear the immense fuel combustion in the engine due to this activity. To help you get over this, we are introducing Ares Motorsports Cold Air Intake System. It controls the greater engine sound and increases fuel efficiency side by side.

Key Features:

One of its key features that work with OEM computer systems will surprise you. This amazing feature enables it to draw in extra cold air in the engine.

The entry of cold air into the engine increases the throttle response to a greater extent. Besides, it also offers an explosive horsepower output. You’ll also get a heat shield kit with this cold air intake system. The availability of a shield kit improves its efficiency by up to 95%.

However, it increases the engine’s torque by 6 to 8%. 5.0 to 10.0 horsepower is also added to the engine. It comes with all the necessary yet basic tools for installation.

So you’ll not have to spend hours installing it. Couplers, elbows, and hoses can help you arrange them. In addition to all these features, it is easily washable. You can reuse it without any compromise on the quality.

  • Offers an easy installation process
  • A significant increase in torque is observed
  • It increases filtration efficiency by 95%
  • Construction quality isn’t up to the mark

User Experience:

Customers have observed a big step in the overall engine sound after its installation. However, there are no directions provided for its installation. But you can watch videos for that. It gains a 4.5 rating out of 5, which is more than enough to make you purchase it.

8. Performance HEATSHIELD Cold Air Intake Kit

The appropriate amount of cool air exposure to the engine helps in increasing the throttle and fuel efficiency. That is why we have considered Performance HEATSHIELD Cold Air Intake Kit worthy enough to include in this list. It is designed to improve the amount of cold air fed into the engine and increase its performance.

Key Features:

One of the best key features in it is the heat shield. This addition makes it perfect to work under harsh conditions. Besides, it blocks the hot air from the engine during hot climatic areas. In such a way, the high under-hood temperature will not affect its working efficiency. It aids the entry of cool air directly fed to the engine. This cool air increases the horsepower of the vehicle.

Read on!

Users love the easy installation procedure of Performance HEATSHIELD Cold Air Intake Kit. It comes with clear instructions. Thus, you’ll not have to search for tutorials when installing it. This cold air intake system comes with mandrel-bent aluminum tubing. This tubing ensures smooth and unrestricted entry of cold air into the engine.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Aluminum tubing increases its working efficiency
  • Perfect to use under hot climatic conditions
  • It may not be compatible with some vehicles

User Experience:

As a whole system, the Performance HEATSHIELD Cold Air Intake Kit is the best investment for someone looking for a solid throttle in the vehicle. It gives real gain to the power and acceleration of your vehicle’s engine in no time.

8. MOOSUN Intake Pipe Perfit Formance Cold Air Intake Kit

No doubt all cold air intake kits improve the fuel efficiency and engine performance of vehicles. But what if we introduce a product that caters to these tasks and fulfills your demands about durability and lightweight? MOOSUN Intake Pipe Perfit Formance Cold Air Intake Kit is here to assist you.

Key Features:

It has a wide range of amazing features that will amaze you and provide you with a demanded working condition for the engine. An amazing cold air intake pipe helps the entry of cold air, leading to a noticeable improvement in horsepower and torque. The increased torque will help the engine produce a louder sound than usual.

Excellent build quality with durable aluminum has made this product last longer than usual. All the necessary hardware comes along with the package. This way, you don’t have to rush around to complete the installation. In addition, it has a highly polished shine, making it look new.

  • Improves the engine torque
  • It reduces the turbulence in the engine’s workflow
  • It increases the cold airflow
    • Sometimes it causes management issues in the engine after installation

User Experience:

In the user’s opinion, it sounds like the perfect aftermarket accessory you should get for your engine. With quality-build, torque, and acceleration-improving efficiency, it fills all requirements of customers.

9. Flowmaster 615105 05-19 Performance Air Intake

Last but not least, we’re introducing this product to solve all problems related to the engine’s working. Many vehicle owners are worried about the engines’ recurrent blockage of air filter pipes. But Flowmaster 615105 05-19 Performance Air Intake solves all concerns regarding the gauze filter in engines.

Key Features:

Unlike all other options, it comes with a cotton gauze filter to restrict the accumulation of dust in pipes. It doesn’t let the debris get blocked in the engine even after recurrent usage. Furthermore, a cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) tube assists the continuous flow of cold air to the engine.

You can easily service or maintain the whole kit. All accessories or parts for assembly come along with the filter. There is no need for you to carry out cutting or drilling as it can be easily installed.

  • Made up of stainless steel hardware
  • Prevents pollution problems in engines
  • Increases total torque and acceleration
    • Some users complain about its compatibility with the engine

User Experience:

No doubt it’s not compatible with some models, but on the whole, it is a perfect purchase. A lifetime warranty makes the users buy it without bothering much about the quality.

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When you head out to purchase a cold air intake filter, many options are available in the market. So, to choose the best pick, you should consider many options.

Some factors that you must think about before choosing the cold air intake kit are:

· Filter

You must check the availability of an air filter when choosing the cold air intake system. These filters prevent the accumulation of dust and other particles in the engine.

· Sensor for Mass Flow

There must be a sensor to keep proper track of airflow that enters the engine. With the help of a sensor, you can easily tune the car’s performance.

· Tubing

Another important factor is the tubing to collect air from the engine. It must be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel to support its durability.

Some other factors are:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Simple installation
  • Quality and build
  • Mounting on the fender
  • Reusability

Bottom Line:

Now that you know about the top 10 cold air intake systems for 5.7 hemi chargers, choosing the best has become easy. You can research which of the above options suits your vehicle best and purchase it right away.